Tickled Pink

This weekend a group of friends and I decided to get out of Stillwater and go to the city for a girls night out. We went down to Bricktown and ate dinner at Zio’s, which was delicious. After dinner we were all in the mood for something sweet. Luckily, one of my favorite cupcake shops was just around the corner, so I suggested we walk there. Everyone loved the idea and they were even more excited when we turned the corner and they saw the shop.

Pinkitzel is one of my favorite cupcake shops in the Oklahoma City area. It got its name from the owner and her german family. Pink is her favorite color and itzel is a german word. Put it all together and you get Pinkitzel, which means tickled pink!  It has the feel of an old soda shop, which is perfect for the type of goodies they sell. Not only do they sell cupcakes but they also sell various kinds of candy. My favorite cupcake there is the chocolate salted caramel cupcake. Mix a little sweet with a little salty and you get the best of both worlds.  I have not found another cupcake shop that makes a salted caramel cupcake as good as Pinkitzel.

It has a great location right across from the Ford Center. When the NBA was actually having games, tons of thunder fans would go to Pinkitzel after the game to get a celebratory cupcake. They know how to work the system and they stay open late on event nights to attract more customers. If you’re ever in the area I strongly encourage you to stop by and try them out! They were a hit with my friends and I’m sure they will be with yours too!


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