All for the cause

This morning I did something that a year and a half ago– my lazy year– I never thought I would do. I ran a 5K! The race was the Susan G. Kommen Race for the Cure in Oklahoma City. I ran it with my best friends, the one I bake cupcakes with, and her family. It was a lot of fun and such a good feeling to see more than 18,000 people come together for one important cause. I’m so glad that I agreed to do the race with them.

Naturally, to celebrate our success and completion of the race we decided we needed cupcakes. We had heard of a cupcakery not too far away from where we were and decided to go. It is called Sarah Sarah’s Cupcakes and was absolutely adorable. The shop was a, victorian house that had been turned in to a cupcake shop. Everything in the store was white with subtle pink accent accessories. While there, the owner told us the story of how Sarah Sarah’s came about. He had a daughter named Sarah who loved cupcakes. It was her dream to own a cupcake shop. Unfortunately, before she was able to see this happen she died from cancer. Her parents opened up Sarah Sarah’s in honor of her and to support the research to help cure cancer. It was a very touching story. Not only do they have great cupcakes, but they also have a great story!

I got the Destin cupcakes, which is their version of a key lime pie cupcake. It was very good and I would definitely get it again. All of their other cupcakes looked delicious as well and we will be going back soon to try out some of their other flavors. If you all are ever in Oklahoma City and close to 7 NW 9th Street, just east of Broadway, I highly recommend checking Sarah Sarah’s out!


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